Matt Tasley

Artist statement

Art is the universal language of love. Through content, line, form, and color, one can express their innermost feelings of beauty and love and share it with others. Our bodies and minds express beauty, love, and passion for life in the form of Art. We are simply conduits of love.

    My worldview and the suggestion and expression of God as light is an Entropic vision. World culture is facing crisis including inequality, pollution, and climate change. Wherein it is up to the artist to show through form and content the necessity of protecting life on the planet. Given the global ecological crisis Art can prove that there is hope, beauty, and wonderment in the world and offer a better solution.

    A revolution must aim at the destruction of given order and will succeed only by asserting an order of its own. In other words the vision of such harmonious striving for order throughout is disturbingly contradicted by one of the most influential statements on the behavior of physical forces namely, The Second Law of Thermodynamics. The most general account physicists are willing to give changes in time is often formulated to mean that the material world moves from orderly states to ever-increasing disorder and that the final situation of the universe will be one of maximum of disorder.

     I mean to provide a maximum of information as my form co-insides with content. When nothing superfluous is included and nothing indispensable left out, one can understand the interrelation of the whole and its parts, as well as the hierarchic scale of importance and power by which some structural features are dominant, others subordinate.

     I believe that the artist plays an important role in the community as healer through themselves and their Art. God is love God is light. The artist exemplifies a vision of light in whatever form it may take. 


  • University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, Masters in Fine Arts        
  • Skowhegan School of Sculpture & Art, Skowhegan, ME, Full Scholarship Student
  • Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME, Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Yale School of Music and Art, Norfolk, CT, Full Scholarship Student       


  • 2014         One Person Show Artist in Residence, Fairfax Pavillion, Fairfax, CA

  • 2014         Artist in Residence, Fairfax, CA

  • 2014         Marin/Scapes, Buckelew Programs, Escalles Vineyards, Larkspur, CA

  • 2014         First Presbyterian Church of San Rafael, San Rafael, CA

  • 2013         Café Fairfax, Fairfax, CA

  • 2013         Buckelew Programs Marin/Scapes, Larkspur, CA

  • 2012         One Person Show, Live Worms Ant Gallery, San Francisco, CA

  • 2012         Marin Arts Council Open Studios. Greenbrae, CA

  • 2011          Blue Skies Café, San Rafael, CA 

  • 2011          877 Fourth Street, San Rafael, CA

  • 2011          Rich Street Studios, San Rafael, CA

  • 2011          Recovery in Action, San Rafael, CA

  • 2011          Nature Scapes: Matt Tasley/Maggie Baker, San Rafael, CA

  • 2011          Fourth Street Gallery, San Rafael, CA

  • 2009        Lesbian and Gay Bisexual Transgender Center, San Francisco, CA

  • 2008        Marin Arts Council Open Studios, Greenbrae, CA

  • 2008        Rocco Dance Fitness Center, Fairfax, CA

  • 2008        Artisans Art Gallery, San Rafael, CA

  • 2008        111 Minna Street Gallery, San Francisco, CA

  • 2008        Artisan Gallery, War and Peace Show, San Rafael, CA

  • 2006        Marin Arts Council, Fairfax, CA

  • 2005        School Street Plaza Art Studios, Fairfax, CA        

  • 1993         One Person Show Ardys Allport Gallery, San Francisco, CA        

  • 1992         Firehouse 7 Gallery, San Francisco, CA

  • 1992         Club 9 Gallery, San Francisco, CA

  • 1991          One Person Show Olga Dollar Gallery, San Francisco, CA

  • 1990         One Person Show Ardys Allport Gallery, San Francisco, CA